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The average length of a car loan term is now 71 months, up from 63 in 2010. . Joe Raedle/Getty Images OTTAWA – The shiny chrome and new car smell can be tempting lures for anyone who needs to replace.

A car loan, like any lending product, can have a positive impact on your life if managed properly. However, if mishandled, a car loan can turn out to be a costly mistake that causes you financial and emotional stress. So before you take out a car loan, take the time to study the various pros and cons. The pros of taking out a car loan

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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Balloon Car Loan? The primary benefit of a balloon car loan is low monthly payments, counteracted by the major drawback, the single large balloon payment to clear the loan when it matures.

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Drawbacks of a Balloon Mortgage. There is a big risk associated with a balloon mortgage, though. Most homeowners who don’t plan to sell their homes before the balloon payment is due expect to refinance their balloon loan to a standard fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage before facing that big payment.

Balloon loans have relatively low monthly payments temporarily. But eventually, you make a large "balloon" payment.. Auto loans: You can even find auto loans that incorporate balloon payments and help buyers obtain a low monthly payment.. Pros and Cons of Replacing a Loan.

Pros and Cons of Loans with a Balloon Payment Balloon loans are a complex financial product and should only be used by qualified income-stable borrowers. For example, this type of loan would be a good choice for the investor who wishes to minimize short term loan costs to free up capital.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of trading in your car. Getting started is simple – just fill out our auto loan request form, and we’ll get right to work matching you with a local.

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