what do fha appraisers look for

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When an FHA or USDA loan is being used, the appraiser has two objectives.. An Appraiser looks for what we call, “The 3 S's”. S-Safety. What Does an Appraiser do When Marijuana is Being Grown on a Property? October.

The caveat is that because the vast majority of reverse mortgages are FHA insured, the appraisal work must be done by an FHA-approved appraiser. Because the house constitutes the “sole collateral” used to secure the reverse mortgage, it is critical that the appraisal is.

FHA appraisers do a different type of appraisal than appraisers for. may have the potential for lead based paint, the FHA appraiser looks for.

FHA appraisers perform many of the same functions as appraisers for conventional loans, but with a few extras. Since FHA loans are government-insured and designed to provide safe housing, there are specific things that an FHA appraiser must examine for the home to meet loan program guidelines.

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Does the buyer get to pick someone, does the appraiser work for the. or does the FHA have a roster of impartial third parties certified to look at.

FHA will not require the use of AMCs or other third party organizations for appraisal ordering, if lenders do use AMCs and/or other third party organizations FHA-approved lenders must ensure that: FHA.

What does an FHA appraiser look at? Your FHA appraiser will look at the interior, exterior and surrounding land to determine the home's value.

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Today, lenders continue to face more and more regulation through the Dodd-Frank Act, Interagency Guidelines, fannie mae appraiser independence requirements and FHA Appraisal Requirements. Q: What.

What home appraisers do not look for: Movable features and decor. Although real estate agents appreciate a neutral decor to help buyers to imagine their belongings in a home, a home’s general aesthetic is not high on an appraiser’s list for assessing value. "All-new ceiling fans, Bahamian shutters. none of that stuff adds value.

What should I do before the appraiser goes out to the house? What do FHA appraisers look for? Utilities should be turned on so the appraiser can test systems and appliances. Appliances must function properly. There should be proper drainage around the perimeter of the house. The heating unit must be in working order (and AC if applicable). water pressure must be adequate for the house.