How Old Is Too Old To Buy A House

"We do hear of people being told they are too old," Ms Ryan said.. "So there is room for a whole different range of living options which can make it financially viable to buy a house into.

My partner is 53 so we just had this. I can’t be too much help as we did decide to go for a 15 year mortgage and bought something inexpensive in a town a bit further from the city we work in than we would have hoped.

See: This 24-year-old is on track to save $100,000 by age 25. You may make more but you may buy a house, or have kids, and.

Talk to relatives, friends, neighbors, even former employees – anyone who might know something about the house. Ask them not only for information about the building, but also about former owners, the land upon which the house was built, what existed at that location prior to construction of the house, and the history of the town or community.

We will have our house paid off when we are 62 and 57 respectively, so before we reach retirement. The pros for us to having a house is that no one can tell us what we can and cannot do in our house. We enjoy having a yard both for ourselves and for the dogs. In my opinion, if it is your dream to have a house there isn’t a "too old" to buy a house.

Too old to buy? Asked by rssraj, 11375 fri jan 27, 2012. Guys I was discussing this a friend who said that a 1920’s house was simply too old to buy and is a bad bet. He felt that building materials always get worse as time goes by and that’s simply too old to buy into.

Are you ever too old to buy your first house? Visit to find the answer.

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