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The Making Home Affordable Program was launched in March 2009 with the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), which provides assistance to struggling homeowners by lowering monthly first lien mortgage payments to an affordable level. additional programs were subsequently rolled out to expand the program’s reach.

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Freddie Mac is pleased to play a key role in sustaining homeownership and supporting the federal Making Home Affordable Program, announced on March 4, 2009. As a Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer, you play a vital role in implementing this program and assisting borrowers who have Freddie Mac-owned mortgages with:

The largest program within MHA is the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). HAMP’s goal is to offer homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure reduced monthly mortgage payments that are affordable and sustainable over the long-term. HAMP was designed to help families who are struggling to.

Denver's affordable housing ownership program is specifically designed to help. Denver are still protected by long-term convenants that the IHO helped create.

That’s where the Making Home Affordable refinancing program comes in. It allows homeowners to refinance to 15-year or 30-year fixed-rate loans, as long as the new loan amount does not exceed 125% of.

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In early 2009, Treasury launched the Making Home Affordable Program (MHA) to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. MHA is only one part of the Obama Administration’s broader efforts to strengthen the housing market. Since its inception, MHA has helped homeowners avoid foreclosure by.

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The Obama Administration's Making Home Affordable Program includes opportunities to modify or refinance your mortgage to make your monthly payments.

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