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HARP Refinance – River City Mortgage – The U.S. government’s home affordable refinance program (HARP) is a great refinance option for homeowners that are eligible. Even if you’ve been turned down in the past for a refinance, HARP’s qualifications are extremely favorable for borrower approval.

HARP: What You Need to Know – NerdWallet – Note also that no minimum credit score is required to qualify for a HARP loan, and closing costs (which come with all refinance loans) can be.

Refinancing When You Don’t Qualify for HARP – eLEND – Refinancing When You Don’t Qualify for HARP February 27, 2014 The home affordable refinancing program has helped millions of struggling homeowners refinance to a more affordable interest rate, despite owing more on their mortgage than their homes are worth.

HARP Loan – Home Affordable Refinance Program | loanDepot – loanDepot is a direct lender offering low HARP mortagge rates today.. on their mortgage payments, may qualify for HARP refinance rates.

Are these HARP notices a scam? | Biz Brain – – DeFelice said to qualify for a HARP refinance, you must meet specific requirements. Your mortgage must be a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan.

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8 Eligibility Requirements for HARP (Home Affordable. – Due to the nature of HARP, only those without significant home equity can qualify to refinance through the program. In fact, in order to be eligible for HARP, the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of your mortgage and home must be at least 80%.

HARP Refinance Program | eLEND – Many refinance loans require at least 5 to 20% equity, but with HARP, homeowners may be able to qualify with zero or even negative equity (meaning that the loan amount is more than the current value of the property). Borrowers will still need to qualify based on credit history, income, and other factors. HARP is set to expire on December 31, 2018.

FHFA leadership shift could impact HARP eligibility – Mel Watt, D-N.C. Such a shift would create substantial changes for the Home Affordable Refinance Program and for investors impacted by HARP-eligibility requirements. Sarah Hu, an analyst with Royal.

Are You Eligible? – HARP – See if you meet these basic eligibility requirements: You are current on your mortgage , with no 30-day+ late payments in the last six months and no more than one in the past 12 months Your home is your primary residence , a 1-unit second home or a 1- to 4-unit investment property .

Qualifications For A Harp Loan – You’re looking for an easy way to refinance your mortgage payments? Visit our site to learn more about our refinancing terms.

HARP Mortgage Refinance Program: Qualify Today for a HARP 2.0. – The HARP refinancing program does offer many positive points for homeowners looking to refinance. Advantage 1: Lower Monthly Payments. One of the primary reasons many homeowners want to use HARP to refinance is for the lower monthly payments. Your monthly payment will be determined by your previous payment history and your credit rating.